In Barcelona

Official Academic Coach Course Level I, II, III.

We work in collaboration with the National School of Coaches of Barcelona to carry out the official course of official coach via academic.

(Sports Technician in Football), included in Royal Decree 320/2000 and 1363/2007, this title is issued by the Ministry of Education.

The soccer coach course is valid for the whole national territory and being a regulated training, worldwide. (Hague Convention)

There are three levels:

Level 1: With the qualification of Sports Technician of Middle Degree, initial level in soccer, you will be able to incorporate to the Professional Sport exerting like trainer in equipment from school, until Juveniles of Autonomic category.

Level 2: With the title of Sports Technician of Middle Degree in Football, you can join Professional Sports by exercising as a coach in Youth teams to National League and from Third Regional to First Regional and Preferente of amateurs (Semi-pro Football).

In women’s teams up to Superliga Femenina.

Level 3: With the course of Superior Sports Technician in Football, you will be able to practice the profession of coach in teams of any category, feminine and masculine, including national selections.

In addition to being able to practice the profession of football coach, this qualification qualifies you as a professional for different types of entities or companies where you can develop the functions in:

High performance sports centers.

Sports technification centers.

Football Schools.

Clubs or sports associations.


Sports boards.

Sports service companies.

Training centers for football coaches.

The title of Senior Technical Technician (level III) gives you access to the University to study:

Degree in primary education (all specialties).

Degree in Social Education.

Degree in Physical Therapy.

Degree in Occupational Therapy.

Degree in Social Work.

Degree in Nursing.

Degree in Business and Tourism activities.

Degree in Tourism.

Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport.

Course Specialist of Sports Director

The Sports Director is the denomination that receives the responsible position of managing the human capital, that is to say the athletes and their trainers, that form part of a sports club or institution with sports equipment.

In the course we learn how to create a football school or club, direct and manage the entire organizational chart that comprises.

We will also know how a sports director works in a professional club.

The sports director is an essential figure today in all football clubs and schools.

We will know the strategies of Sports Marketing and what lines to follow to achieve the maximum results.

Knowing how to lead a work group is fundamental, with the help of a sports coaching, we will know the lines to follow.

Course Specialist Scouting and Sports Analysis

Scouters are football coaches who apply new technologies to analyze teams, players or game systems.

In Spain, the scouting departments of professional teams are more and more specific. They do not hesitate to hire technicians, many of them young and well prepared, specialized in the analysis of rivals and players. Professional and semi-professional football clubs are the main stage in which new scouters can develop their work, but also football schools are incorporating this figure.

The scouting departments of the most important sports organizations can be formed by up to twenty components, some of which are dedicated to the analysis of rivals and others to the study of possible signings.

There are members of this department who work directly observing and analyzing everything related to the first team, trying to get more performance from the players and helping with their information to make the coach make the decisions in a correct way.

Even the agencies of representation have gone to incorporate the figure of the scouters for the capture of soccer players and detailed reporting, either by means of writing, video or both.

Goalkeeper Training Course

The soccer goalkeeper coaching course focuses on the specific methodology used for coaching this figure, teaching you to perfect the preparation of specific training with offensive and defensive actions.

The course is designed to work on the most advanced techniques, always adapting to the age and category of the athletes.

Specific Course of Physical Preparation

Complementary course of Physical Preparation in football for coaches.

Football is a complex sport that depends on numerous, and sometimes excessive, variable and variants.

The optimization of the means and the perfection of the technification require an exhaustive and meticulous work methodology. The particularity of football lies in those small details that can vary the future of an encounter, the mood, the game of a player, the group, etc.

The physical condition is the cornerstone to optimize the trajectory of our team. In addition, the mix of some training variables such as technique or tactics complete the sporting process.

In this course we will learn to face all the worries and vicissitudes that arise when planning the physical preparation of my team.

This is a supplementary course for coaches and / or coaches.

Training Courses for Trainers adapted to demand

These courses are destined to Federations, Clubs or Academies, in which they make a list of subjects or subjects of which they want to be formed.