Sports programs

Participation and / or Preparation for National and International Tournaments

We offer you the possibility of coming to Barcelona to prepare you with our Methodology for different international tournaments in Spain or abroad.

We prepare you technically, tactically, physically and mentally to compete in the tournaments, and we put our coaches-trainers at your disposal to participate in the tournaments with your teams and / or coaches.

An unforgettable experience and we combine it with a cultural and gastronomic TOUR for the city of Barcelona.


Campus-Football Camps

Organization of national and international campuses, with qualified football coaches trained, trained and trained with the SMT Barcelona Methodology.

We make our campuses in our headquarters, but also send our professionals to work in other cities or countries to do them.

Training for field players based on an integral methodology of the player, seeking the individual improvement of the player and understanding of the collective game and specific work for goalkeepers.


Comprehensive program with Residence, Campus and Language

Great opportunity to build a football campus with SMT Barcelona methodology, spend the stay with a Spanish family and learn Spanish.

Training for field players based on an integral methodology of the player, seeking the individual improvement of the player and understanding of the collective game and specific work for goalkeepers.

The children who come here will be able to learn Spanish and the family that hosts the English.

Program of Sports Training SMT and Lingual Interchanges temporary

With this program you can learn or practice a language playing soccer.

It is carried out between two boys / girls who send a member of their family to another foreign language through football and coexistence with another family, and reciprocally, Member of this family.

Who is it aimed at?

To families with teenagers and / or young people who want to organize language exchanges abroad for their children through football.

They take place during school holidays.


  • The exchange members of our community, must have these characteristics:
  • Like football practice.
  • Interest in language learning.
  • Concern about knowing other cultures.
  • Open to coexistence with people from other countries.
  • With a spirit of hospitality and hospitality.
  • Commitment to teach the native language.

Annual Training Program SMT Barcelona

We offer packages of training programs of 10 months in the sports complexes, with all the comforts. You can work in facilities of the highest level, with accommodation according to your needs.

You will also play on a Spanish soccer team, you will continue with your studies in a multilingual school, you will receive training adapted in small group to your needs and will participate in national and international tournaments.



Requirements to apply for the Scholarship:

  • Bachelor’s degree completed or currently in university career.
  • Have a high level of English.
  • Have participated in categories: National League, Division of Youth Honor, Third Division or Second Division B.
  • Not having a professional football contract.

The SMT Barcelona Scholarship Program is a personalized program that helps footballers interested in studying and practicing football at US universities with a scholarship.

With this program, the majority of footballers can receive scholarships of partial or complete studies, covering with her the expenses of enrollment, housing, food, training and sports equipment. The program is valid only for those who want to make a career and graduate in the United States.


How to get a sports scholarship at an American university?

All athletes will undergo a sports and academic analysis, in order to define the profile of each one.

  1. Sports analysis

Technical validation of the player, which can be done face-to-face or through a video. Validation of performance in official competitions. (Have participated in categories: National League, Youth Division of Honor, Third Division or Second Division B).

  1. Academic Analysis

– Secondary and Baccalaureate Notes: The American university valid the average of the four years of the student in the school / Institute.

– Score in the SAT: the SAT is the equivalent of “Spanish selectivity”. All American and international students in American territory must take this test to be candidates to enter American universities. No student suspends or passes the SAT. The grade in this test simply indicates in which universities the student has the appropriate profile to enter.

– TOEFL score: The TOEFL measures the student’s level of English. The TOEFL classifies or disqualifies the student from the competition. If the student does not have the minimum grade demanded by the university, he could not follow the classes, therefore the universities do not contemplate the students that are below the note of cut demanded by each one.

– The athlete must satisfy the academic criteria of the universities and also of the sports leagues in order to be able to compete.

– Students can start college in August or January of each year and it is important that preparation be started 12 months before the date of travel.